Tips & Tricks

  • Who are the media hosts, vendors or other sponsors of the event you are looking to attend? This is a great way to find out about prospective contests as they usually have free ticket giveaways through their social media channels.
  • What is the hashtag of the event on Twitter? Search this, followed by the words “win” or “contest”, and you could find some hidden gems!
  • Always read the rules and regulations. I didn’t need to be a mother to win a VIP Mother’s Day Experience at the Toronto Zoo. Additionally, make sure you know exactly what your prize is in order to fully optimize your contest winning experience!
  • Certain contests require codes or UPC’s for entry. These can be easily found online through contest forums. Red Flag Deals is a good resource!
  • Be willing to “like” anything on Facebook. Yes, even that cat food or toilet bowl cleaner. If concerned about privacy, many contesters set up a separate Facebook account.
  • Contests are a fantastic networking opportunity! Whether it’s Toronto glitterati, fashion bloggers or the DJ your friend has her eyes on…
  • Make a list of times that all of your local radio stations are having giveaways. Redial. Redial. Redial.
  •  As long as you have a true story, enter ANYTHING! Even negative experiences can be turned into contest wins!
  • Don’t forget the swag! At notable events, many companies offer freebies & coupons.
  • Use special occasions throughout the year as an opportunity to win exciting contests and create memorable experiences!
  • Finally, encourage others to enter contests. If they win, they might take you!

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