Girls Night In with Cityline

Back in April, Cityline had a call out for sharing stories about your best friend for its annual “Girls Night In” episode. I wrote a quick spiel about how my friend Karen and I celebrated our 30th birthday by going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (because what could be more magical than that!?!)


I was pleasantly surprised when I received a confirmation to attend the episode, informed we would be receiving a $25 gift card to The Shopping Channel, and asked our clothing + shoe sizes.

On a sunny May morning, we arrived to the studios and were eagerly anticipating our audience experience. After signing in, we were presented with Old Navy pajamas and flip flops.


After a bit of a delay, the show is not live, we were assured it would be worth the wait and were seated in the front row!


After each segment, it seemed the whole audience was getting prizes!

  • A book from Simon & Schuster
  • Beverages from Nestle
  • Eyelash kit
  • A Starbucks gift card
  • Conair True Glow
  • Manicure, lunch, and water therapies at Elmwood Spa
  • Citrus Silver bracelet

Throughout the show, we would watch short clips of Tracy Moore and Mairlyn Smith in Las Vegas along with WestJet. Being clever, I assumed that a giveaway had to be involved. Perhaps, it would be one member of the audience or an online contest for viewers.

Before the last segment was taped, there was a bit of a delay and more whispers. As soon as the guest was introduced, Richard the VP of Marketing &  Communications at WestJet, my heart started pounding. I knew this could be big. After hearing that WestJet is the largest international flight carrier to Vegas, and how much fun it is to travel there with a BFF, Richard turned to us and proclaimed to the audience “WestJet would like to send everyone to Las Vegas.”

We all erupted in cheers! What a moment!

Thank you to Cityline for a morning we’ll never forget!


We’ll be touching down in Vegas sometime this fall. And hopefully seeing Celine Dion too! 🙂IMG_7784


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