Sports in the City

The words “winning” and “Toronto sports team” seemed to be a cruel joke for years. With the Blue Jays making the playoffs last fall, the mentality started to change. Toronto could and can win! The Raptors had their best season ever and had high expectations going into the playoffs. After defeating 2 teams, they made their way to the Eastern Conference Finals vs. Lebron James and the Cavaliers. Raptors fans have a reputation for being an intimidating presence and I wanted to do my part for this epic game.

My picture for Boston Pizza which gave me 2 lower bowl tickets worth $1,000!

image1 (1)

We got there early to get our t-shirts and were thrilled with our seats!


And so it begins…


The Snapchat developers have a sense of humour and change their filters on a daily basis. Bismack became one of the most popular Raptors players during the playoffs.


Our halftime entertainment….the Red Panda. Yes, that is what she goes by.


Great views from the 6 of Raptor Ambassador Drake


Although the Cavs were heavily favoured, and eventually won the series, it was a pure joy moment experiencing the elation of Toronto tying the series at 2-2.


I also recently had the opportunity to experience “tunnel club access” for the Toronto FC. I had no clue what this meant beforehand but it included free food, on-field access, and crazy comfortable seats! See a few pictures below of another VIP experience.



I was expecting burgers and fries. Nope, sushi and oysters. MLSE has stepped up their foodie game at BMO field.


Looking forward to a summer of random experiences due to contest wins!


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