Power Ball Toronto

Excess was in at this year’s version of Power Ball! This is an annual event held to benefit The Power Plant ; a contemporary art gallery in Toronto. Edible art installations, giant gymnastics costumes, pictures of dogs and  inflatable pools with balls were just a few of the random sights to see (and this is why I don’t understand modern art).

It was a stylish crowd that packed the venue with the usual Toronto socialite sightings. Notable Canadian celebrities included Dan Levy, the designers behind Greta Constantine and society columnist Shinan Govani.

The sheer amount of food was bound to offend a few, but it certainly made for an entertaining evening. Power Ball lived up to its reputation of one of the top annual parties in the city!

Here are a few pictures from my experience:

Octopus Chandalier20150604_213549Hanging flowers  20150604_220547 An interesting way to get a drink FullSizeRender (23)An even more interesting way to receive dessert 20150604_221841  Soooo much food FullSizeRender (22)View from above  FullSizeRender (24)Tree of gluttony FullSizeRender (25) Enough carbs for the next few years  FullSizeRender (27) Winnie the Pooh would be losing his mindFullSizeRender (28) Asparagus served by hockey sticks. Makes sense. FullSizeRender (29) Disco party20150604_233113 I don’t get it FullSizeRender (21)A limo in the middle of a roomFullSizeRender (26)


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