#IndigoTweetNGreet at Lisa Marie

Indigo Events, an active social media presence via Twitter @indigogreenroom, recently began its #IndigoTweetNGreet. The idea: A social experiment with 10 randomly selected winners attending a dinner (no plus 1!) at a trendy city location. What happens when strangers meet over a 3-hour dinner? It’s not an episode of The Bachelor, but plenty of laughter and sharing stories. All in all, a solid evening!

The latest event took place at Lisa Marie in downtown Toronto. This restaurant was started by Matt Basile. After leaving an office job, he began his career in the food industry through cooking at pop-up events and later operating his own food truck (Fidel Gastro’s). This has led to a reality television show as well as the book “Street Food Diaries”.

FullSizeRender (11)

In learning Matt’s story, his original goal was to open a sandwich shop. Yet, after developing a business plan and meeting with a bank about financing, was forced to lower his risk and start small. By building his brand through other means, he has achieved his original goal and more. A lesson for everyone that it’s not always a straight path on the road to success!

Now, back to the dinner! We were served a delicious seven-course meal. Before receiving each dish, Matt would explain the inspiration or story behind his selection. The pictures don’t do it justice but here they are:

Pork Bone Soup


Mini Creole Poutine – sweet potato coins with head on prawn topped with trinity sauce and fresh Parmesan


Pad Thai Fries


Alabama Tailgator – fried bites of bacon wrapped beef tenderloin, kimchi and aged cheddar on top of chili garlic green beans


Mozzarella and Marrow Sangweech


Moroccan Spice Beef Short Rib – braised and topped with crushed pistachios


Mini Elvis in a Jar – maple banana French toast with candied bacon, zabaglione and peanut butter whipped cream


At the end of the night, he graciously autographed our cookbooks!

FullSizeRender (12)

Thanks to Indigo Events and the staff at Lisa Marie for a fantastic evening!




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