The Luxe Life: Monte Carlo Inn Review

The R.I.D.E. Checks Program: That time of year police officers brave the bitter cold to search for impaired drivers and make sure our roads are safe. Lucky for me, they also had a contest involved.

Through a simple Rafflecopter form, I followed Ride Check on Twitter and entered the giveaway. They also had a Twitter party, yet I was unable to participate that day. Long story short, I won the grand prize of 2 Leafs tickets + limousine transportation + 1 night stay at the Monte Carlo Inn!

The Celebrity Limousine experience was fantastic. Our driver was on time and friendly. Here are a couple of pictures of the personal limo ride:

IMG_4404 IMG_4412

Additionally, our stay at Monte Carlo Inn exceeded my expectations. The exterior and reception area is quite ordinary, but the “Cleopatra Suite” was fabulous.


There was a personal fireplace to have a toasty evening


A Jacuzzi in the room


Standard clean bathroom


Two Queen beds


Breakfast is served in the morning and guests receive a free newspaper. To be perfectly honest, I never would have considered staying at a Monte Carlo Inn before. However, I certainly wouldn’t be hesitant now.

Great experience all round! P.S. Don’t drink and drive!



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