Canadian Collections – WMCFW

World MasterCard Fashion Week: My second favourite time of year in Toronto after TIFF. When else can you feel like a celebrity as you watch fabulous runway shows?!? This year’s WMCFW version was another notable time!

photo 1 (31)

On Tuesday, I saw Melissa Nepton’s collection. First, I did a run through at the vendors to find the freebies. Pandora gave a Fashion Week Survival Kit and Juicy Couture had fragrance samples. At the MasterCard booth, I won a $20 Target gift card!


Thursday was the main event. I won sponsor passes through MasterCard and the Eaton Centre. This meant we were seated in rows 2-4 in section C. What makes this important is that if you’re seated in the 2nd row, you got a swag bag! Me and a few other winners were all over this and sprinted to our seats as soon as the doors opened. We ended up with various hair, facial and make-up products worth well over $100 (Redken, Maybelline, Neostrata among others).

With our prime view from the 2nd row, we were also privy to celeb spotting. During Soia & Kyo, the Property Brothers were seated in front of us. Too cool to ask them for a picture, we creepily snapped photos from a distance. Down to the socks, these twins have incredible fashion sense.

Jonathan Scott in all of his glory.

photo 2 (29)

For Rudsak’s show, a familiar face was also seated in front of me. He too was incredibly stylish and all I could think of was that he looked “French”. All at once, it dawned on me. It was Jonathan Bernier, the goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs! Of course, I had to document this.

photo 4 (14)

Finally, here are my picks for the top outfit from each fashion show: Sporty chic with Melissa Nepton

wmcfwModel Andi Muise at Matthew Gallagher

wmcfw2Practicality at Soia & Kyo wmcfw3Leather at Rudsak wmcfw5

Cheers to another successful Fashion Week!

photo 3 (21)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol D. says:

    Great report! Congrats on another amazing win :))


    1. erikakomori says:

      Thanks Carol! The contests certainly keep life interesting!


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