Ontario Wine Awards Tour

On a crisp fall day, I had the pleasure of attending the Ontario Wine Awards VIP winery tour. Hosted by one of Canada’s most notable wine writer’s, Tony Aspler, the day included a private tasting and luncheon! Our first stop was the Mike Weir Winery. For those who aren’t aware, Mike Weir is one of Canada’s most successful golfers having won the prestigious Master’s tournament in 2003. Located in Beamsville, Ontario the award-winning winery is in a gorgeous location. Here are a few pictures from my visit!

photo 3 (19)

Making wine is definitely a science and we learned about its complexities as we walked around the winery.

photo 1 (29)

photo 2 (27)

For all of the golf fans, the second floor contains plenty of Mike Weir memorabilia!

photo 5 (5)

photo 2 (28)

You know you’ve made it when you have personalized beer bottles!

photo 1 (30)

Besides the beautiful location, I love that all profits from the winery benefit Mike Weir’s Foundation. Plenty of professional athletes use personal business ventures as a way to earn more money, to have 100% of the profit go back to charity is very commendable.

photo 4 (12)

Our next stop was Angel’s Gate Winery. Located at a property formerly owned by the Congregation of Missionary Sisters, this too had a fantastic view. Who knew Ontario could be so beautiful!

photo 4 (13)

Thanks Wine Country Ontario and the Ontario Wine Awards for a fantastic day!

photo 5 (6)


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