The Close of SkyRider at Canada’s Wonderland

Visiting Canada’s Wonderland is a ritual each summer for many families in the GTA. I hadn’t been since last year, so I thought I was due, and entered after seeing an online giveaway.

After almost 30 years, the infamous stand-up roller coaster SkyRider was set to close on September 1st. The prize: Two tickets to Canada’s Wonderland, dinner and a chance to be on the very LAST ride before it closed. This was an historical occasion! I had to try to win!

Fortunately, I was selected as one of the 24 winners. Before the big event, an announcement was made that after all of these years and 23 million passengers this was to be the final run. So dramatic!

See pictures below from a truly memorable evening!

Dinner with Charlie Brown!

photo 1 (25)

Group shot!


I had second pick and decided to be in the front!


About to start!


Saying goodbye!

photo 3 (17)

Our final surprise was a truly unique momento of an actual SkyRider roller coaster wheel to commemorate the occasion!

photo 4 (11)

Thanks again to Canada’s Wonderland!

photo 2 (23)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mike says:

    DInner with Charlie Brown would have been prize enough, but I like the roller coaster wheel even more – fits nicely in a trophy case.


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