Tweet for Meat with Longo’s

A couple of months ago, I scheduled a family BBQ for 20+ guests. Never one to to be in the kitchen, I figured I would hope for the best and wing it. Several weeks after sending the invite, I found out that I had won a #tweetformeat contest from Longo’s. Amazing!

I was overwhelmed with what they gave me:

  • 12 of the VG Meats boneless rib steaks     
  • Longo’s Potato Salad  
  • Longo’s Quinoa Salad  
  • 2 Large bunches of Ontario Asparagus   
  • Mixture of Ontario Peppers tri color  
  • Longo’s Mushrooms  
  • 2 of Longo’s Grilling Oils  
  • 6 assorted Longo’s Dips  
  • 3 Bags of Longo’s Crostini
  • 4 Bottles of the Longo’s Signature Lemon Drink  
  • 1 2L bottle of Coke, Sprite  
  • 2 Longo’s Pie (1 apple and the other Strawberry Rhubarb)  
  • 2 Vanilla ice cream from Kawartha   

Here I am, super excited, picking up my winnings from Store Manager Adam at the Glen Erin Longo’s!

photo 1 (18)

The full spread!

photo 2 (16)

As I was busy running around on the day of the BBQ, I forgot to take a picture of the cooked food. Regardless, my guests raved about the meal! In particular, the steaks from VG Meats were fabulous! They’re locally raised, with no hormones or antibiotics, and fully traceable through a tracking code. From “farm to fork” very cool!

Thanks again to Longo’s!


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