John Legend: On stage for the All Of Me Tour

I’ve been a John Legend fan for years and am so thrilled about his mainstream success with the hit song “All Of Me” (my fav song of 2014!) I had never seen him in concert before but had entered a contest via 95.3 FreshFM to win tickets…which included a meet and greet!

My friend and I made the trek to Kitchener’s Centre on the Square in anticipation of our big night. As we were warned, meet and greets are incredibly fast and you have a few seconds to say hi before your picture is taken. John Legend was friendly and professional; we thought that would be the highlight of our night….

photo 1 (14)

Waiting in the foyer before the concert started, we were approached by the music rep’s who had accompanied us to the meet and greet shortly beforehand.

To our utter shock and surprise, we were being upgraded and getting the opportunity to sit ON stage for the ENTIRE concert. John Legend had a “living room” theme with a few couches on stage for some lucky individuals.

The stage about an hour before the concert started:


I snapped a couple of quick pictures while I had the chance:



Waiting backstage, we signed the release forms and had our phones turned off. No bathroom breaks or Facebooking were allowed!

photo 2 (11)

I can’t express how unbelievable it was for the show to start and to see a sold out crowd. We had a perfect view of John Legend as he was facing us at the piano just a few feet in front. He played both old and new hits, with a well-deserved standing ovation at the conclusion of the concert.

John Legend also told a few stories during the concert. Most notable, that he wasn’t an “overnight” success. He really had to grind it out for 6 years before making it. A lesson to all: have faith, believe in yourself, keep working hard and good things will follow.

Our dreams were definitely supersized that night! What an unforgettable experience! Thanks again to Jodi Decker and 95.3 FreshFM!



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