California Carnivale

A vacation to Cali would be swell, but if I can’t get that then a night of free Californian wine isn’t too shabby. Hosted by the iYellow Wine Club, the event had a state fair vibe with games and popcorn. There was also a BBQ suckling pig, corn dogs and tacos. An interesting complement to some great wine! Tickets were priced at $70 but another Twitter win meant it was a free night for me and my +1.

This was my fav wine. Unfortunately, my picture is completely useless and just demonstrates that the bottle had an awesome label.

Displaying photo 1.JPG

I prefer not to see what I’m eating. This is probably why I rarely cook meat. It did taste wonderful though!

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Fun and games!

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I think that iYellow Wine Club events are perfect for a date night or even if you’re single and looking. It’s definitely a hip and trendy crowd; the Burroughs Building is a fantastic venue for the young professional demographic!


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