Audi Modern Valentine

I love holidays. Any excuse to celebrate and I’m all over it. Valentine’s Day may be overrated, too commercial or just lame; but for me, it’s an opportunity to win contests!

This year, by searching “Valentine’s contest” and “Valentine’s win” on Twitter, I was able to score a couple gems. The first was a $100 gift card to The Keg and 2 movie tickets. Quite useful. The second? Even more extravagant…..

photo 1

An Audi chauffeur for the evening (who picked me up from the suburbs!) and a $150 gift card to Bymark in Toronto.

This was won by tweeting how I’m a modern Valentine (I wrote that I can plan a great date night) which I definitely do with the assistance of contests!

I’m no foodie, but here a few pictures from one of the most expensive dinners I’ve ever had….

The soup: Before and After

photo 2

photo 3 (5)

Some sort of lobster pasta that was a special of the night.

photo 1 (10)

Lobster poutine and mashed potatoes

photo 2 (3)

PEI all natural grass fed  8 oz filet

photo 4

Fried donuts!

photo 3 (8)

All in all, it was a lovely meal. Being able to indulge in this feast, and then have a driver take you home in a snow storm, was pure luxury. Thanks to eLUXE and The Luxe Life for a fabulous contest!



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