TIFF. The most magical time of year for Twitter contesting in Toronto.


Every day you can search TIFF win, TIFF contest, TIFF giveaway, and whatever else you fancy to determine which freebies are available.

Despite Twitter copycats, and the busy job search, I still had my share of wins. Here’s a non-movie critic review of the films I watched.

Life of Crime:  Who knew TIFF had advanced screenings before gala premieres? Before the festival even started, I saw the closing night film as a result of a L’Oréal promotion. It garners a few chuckles, and it’s nice to see Jennifer Aniston not in a rom-com, but I was never in suspense. They can’t possibly let Aniston die? Or can they?

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Young & Beautiful: French & European. Perhaps that was the reason I didn’t get it. When an upper middle class teenager turns to prostitution, I gradually stopped caring as her character became more unlikable. In a dramatic scene, the mother tells her daughter she disgusts her; she disgusts me too and I was waiting for the season to change so I could finally leave the theatre.

The F Word:  Daniel Radcliffe had three movies screening at TIFF and this was one of them. The story takes place in Toronto and it’s fun trying to point out all of the places you recognize. Great ensemble cast, witty dialogue and the crowd was laughing throughout. I’ve never seen a film that makes Toronto look so “cool”. Drake would be pleased.


Labor Day: I watched the 3rd screening at TIFF and was delightfully surprised that Jason Reitman was there to answer questions. Beautiful score and cinematography. Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin play their roles perfectly! This is what true acting should be like (unlike the nonsense that is the Twilight series). I have to read the book now! P.S. Jason told the audience that Josh took his role seriously and made pies daily for the crew.


I also won TIFF tickets for Rock the Casbah and The Invisible Woman but gave those away.

In addition, during the course of TIFF I won:

2 tickets to an Isaac Mizrahi event (free watches for the guests!), 2 tickets to Alt-J, free lunch at Jazz Bistro, $25 Visa gift card, $50 Spring Rolls gift card, 2 tickets to the Blue Jays, $200 Guess gift card, 2 tickets to Crankyfest (fundraiser for Huru International), 2 tickets to see Sarah Silverman.


I am a winner. I also need to win a camera in order to take proper pictures.



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