Let’s Go To The Ex!

After being an Official Blogger for the CNE in 2012, I had to visit again with my free tickets!


Of course, it was delightful as always. The shopping was similar to last year with the Arts and Crafts venue and International Market the best places to find unique finds!

In terms of attractions, I watched The SuperDogs once again. This year’s version had an increased emphasis on obstacle courses (I missed the high jump!) but it’s a guaranteed hit for families!


I also saw the Wallenda family who were back to the CNE after last appearing a few decades ago. If the name Wallenda is familiar, Nik Wallenda has successfully completed a hire-wire walk of Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon with much publicity.

Their feats were impressive. However, my friend visiting from Denmark commented on how self-congratulatory they seemed. It may be a cultural difference, yet it’s true that they don’t shy away from discussing the family’s achievements during the show.


The Food Building is always a must-see for any visitor (I didn’t sample the infamous cronut burger after a couple hundred people got sick due to the maple bacon jam). Don’t worry, there were still an abundance of fried goods to satisfy all of your deep-fried cravings.

IMG_1522 IMG_1529

The best performance at this year’s CNE was Cascade. I had never heard of them before but this French group gained notoriety after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. A combination of martial arts, stunts and dance is how best to describe this unique act! From young boys to middle-aged ladies, everyone was clapping for these athletic fellows.

Here are a few more pictures of the day!

If there’s only one ride you go on, make sure it’s the Sky Ride. It provides an incredible view of the CNE and the city! There was a Toronto FC game playing and we caught a few minutes of action from our vantage point.



The impressive sand sculptures can be found upon entering the Direct Energy Centre.


The Princes’ Gates


Yes, The Farm smells like a farm but you get to see butter sculptures!


The CNE returns August 15th – September 1st in 2014. I’ll be back!



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