Jillian Michaels at Chatelaine

I’ve always been a fan of Jillian Michaels and have worked out to a couple of her DVD’s in the past.

When Chatelaine had a contest to meet her, of course I had to enter!

photo (54)

Upon arrival guests were treated to David’s Tea, Popchips, Bottlegreen drinks and benourished Green Alkalizer.

photo (55)

We then entered the Chatelaine Kitchen!

photo (59)

Laurie Jennings, health expert on BT & Cityline, gave the audience a sneak peak at Chatelaine’s new fitness app which is being released this June on iTunes. It has 10 minute workout videos, a 7-day detox, calendar and more! I personally think it’s perfect for busy moms! This app seems quite convenient as even leaving the house to drive to the gym can deter a workout. Plus, it gives the flexibility to determine your fitness plan. P90X may be effective, but this app is realistic!

 photo (57) photo (58)

Of course, the main event was Jillian Michaels! I was impressed by how down to earth she seemed. My biggest shock? She doesn’t even LIKE exercising! Jillian is just intelligent enough to know about all of the obvious advantages of physical activity, which can then positively impact other areas of your life, and ultimately “transcend your world”. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t have any fitness mentors.

photo (62)

Currently, Jillian is on her Maximize Your Life Tour and she discussed topics she addresses during the show. This includes her goal to wake people up to their potential and realize their own “deservingness”.

Often, individuals ask the wrong questions.

Instead of: Why me?

Why not you?

Generalization of goals is often common. For instance, “I want to be healthy”. Yet, what exactly does that mean to you?

She suggested taking an emotional inventory if you’re not satisfied with your life. Instead of making a rash decision, build a bridge and exit strategy. What is the life you want to live as opposed to what you should be doing?

photo (63)

She also answered fitness-related questions.

How hard should you be working out?

– 85% of your maximum heart rate

Any secrets to losing weight and getting started?

-Eat less, move more and don’t eat things that aren’t real food

I loved that as there are so many fad diets that come and go!

At the end of the day, you will start seeing results if you follow that simple phrase.

photo (61)

Before everyone departed, Jillian drew names for tickets to her Maximize Your Life show in Toronto. I couldn’t believe it when she announced my name! A win on top of a win! I’ll be seeing Jillian again, in all of her glory, next week and will share my learnings!

photo (60)


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