Stars on Ice

For over 10 years, I would skate for one hour a week through my local recreation program. Ideally, I would have liked to have joined a figure skating club in order to better hone my skills yet financial considerations prevented this opportunity.  Nevertheless, I eventually passed the entire skating program on my $30 used Bauer skates.

Upon receiving proper figure skates as a gift a couple years ago, I landed a double flip for the first time! A personal validation that I actually had a natural ability!

I used to love watching the World Championships, Olympics and other skating specials on TV as a child. Surprisingly, until now, I had never seen a Stars on Ice performance in person.

Lindt Canada had a giveawy on Twitter for 2 front row seats and I was fortunate enough to win! Glorious and magical are just a couple of words to describe this unforgettable experience!

Here are a few pictures from the event!

Best comedic performance goes to Javier Fernandez photo (45)

The beautiful Joannie Rochette! photo (43)

Canadian Pair Champions Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford photo (46)

Scottish sister/brother ice dance team of Sinead Kerr & John Kerr photo (47)

The very entertaining Shawn Sawyer! photo (41)

3-time World Champion Patrick Chan who gave me a high five! photo (48)

Canadian Olympic Champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir! photo (50)

Last, but not least, the legendary Kurt Browning! His “Singin’ in the Rain” program is just as mesmerizing almost 20 years after its first debut! photo (49)

Good bye until next time! photo (51)

Thanks again to Lindt Canada for the great seats!


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