Ancient PROM

Every year, the Young Patrons Circle (YPC) hosts their marquee event: PROM!

The YPC are young professionals who, by making a philanthropic gift, enjoy an all-access pass to private events and networking opportunities throughout the year at the Royal Ontario Museum.

photo (36)

This year’s affair, entitled Ancient PROM, was hosted by MTV’s Aliya-Jasmine Sovani and CP24’s Gurdeep Ahluwalia.

Tickets for the party were $125 for YPC Members and $150 for Non-YPC members. Guests were treated to cocktails, appetizers and desserts as they danced the night away among dinosaur fossils!

As the ROM is a beautiful venue,  it felt like Toronto’s very own version of a Gossip Girl soirée, and I just had to pose with a random artifact!

photo (24)

The tickets I won allowed me access to the VIP area with a private bar! The full VIP experience regularly costs $275 for YPC Members, or $300 for Non-YPC members, which included a swag bag and pre-party reception.

photo (21)

Gladiator glam was in full effect as attendees wore togas, tuxes and gowns to celebrate the occasion!

photo (41)

Embracing the “Ancient” theme!

photo (22)

Julius Caesar, aka the 6″8 Joe Eppele, was also in attendance and demonstrated his brute strength (photo taken by his Argos teammate Mike Bradwell)

photo (38)

Interested in learning about the YPC? Find out here!


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