Fella’s at Fashion Week

Are you tired of the bar or club scene? How do you possibly meet someone in the GTA?

Men: If I could tell you a place where you will find an abundance of stylish, attractive ladies are you interested?

Twice a year, World MasterCard Fashion Week descends on Toronto. Deemed “Canada’s most influential fashion event” it brings a who’s who of fashion, media and wannabe socialites to one place.

photo (28)

With the remaining three shows I had tickets for; I brought a male companion to document their experience.

Sitting front row at UNTTLD, my guest was thrilled to have this vantage point to view the collection. In the tent afterwards, he was impressed to be surrounded by such tall women. Upon reaching Union Station, and surveying our surroundings, he commented that this crowd couldn’t compare to what he had just witnessed!

photo (21)photo (22)

The following day, I was back to see Lacerda and Thomas Bálint with a completely different attendee; my 20-year-old brother. I had to bribe him with a free lunch as he originally refused to be seen at such a place. Hoping to not run into anyone he knew (he definitely did), he initially was sarcastic at observing the flamboyant outfits on display. However, by the end of the day, even he had changed heart and said he would be back next season.

Lacerda 2Thomas Balint 1

Notable men I spotted at WMCFW included Toronto Raptor Rudy Gay and MuchMusic VJ Tyrone T-rex Edwards.

What’s your unlikely place to meet others?


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