Best of 2012

After winning over 200 contests in 2011, my contesting goal for 2012 was “quality over quantity.”

This past year, I won 168 contests which resulted in over $21,000 in free entertainment!

As 2013 begins, I thought I would reflect upon my most memorable experiences from the past year.

blog collage

January: As the NBA lockout came to a close, the Toronto Raptors tried to woo back fans with a season ticket giveaway. With a shortened schedule, I still had tickets for 30+ games (I attended 1/3, gave away 1/3 to friends, and donated 1/3 to a women’s shelter) Even though the team can be inconsistent, seeing the NBA’s best come to Toronto was exciting and I had a great time trying out the different food vendors at the ACC! As the NHL lockout continues, too bad the Maple Leafs would never run this promotion….

February: War Horse came to town and I had the full VIP experience with my mom! With tickets to opening night, the VIP gala reception, hotel, limo and dinner….it made for an unforgettable night. Mirvish Productions knows how to throw a party!

March: After being a spectator at previous Toronto Fashion Week’s, it was incredible to be selected as a “real woman” model representing diversity for Sunny Fong’s new VAWKKIN line. Although slightly terrified, I strutted my stuff in front of 1000 people (Jeanne Beker was front row!) as the cameras flashed. I soon departed on a free 8-night, 5-star vacation to Mexico which was also fabulous!

April: This month had the usual galas and free movies which were entertaining. However, I actually caved and bought a ticket to Oprah’s Lifeclass in Toronto. Seated in the cheapest section, my friend and I were notified that we could move up to the executive seats which were worth 10 times more than our tickets. It wasn’t a contest win, but I sure felt like a winner that day!

May: There were many free events in May, but the one that sticks out was the VIP Mother’s Day experience at the Toronto Zoo. Although not a mother myself, unless you count my cat Hachi, according to the rules & regulations you didn’t need to be in order to win. With a private shuttle bus tour, free lunch, photo shoot with a camel, and some animal swag; it was pretty hilarious.

June: In terms of celebrity star power, the MMVAs is probably the biggest awards show in Canada and I had my paparazzi moment walking the red carpet at the after party. Winning a trip to an American awards telecast is still on my list.

July: Unfortunately, I unexpectedly got appendicitis this month so I was out of commission. Towards the end of the month I attended a few free events like a Blue Jays game, Girl’s Guided Beer Tour, Toronto FC match and a Wiz Khalifa concert.

August: I hadn’t visited the CNE in almost 2 decades, so it was a thrill to be selected as an Official Blogger! With free admission, parking, food, and a fancy new phone; it was a great experience! I now intend to make it an annual tradition to visit.

September:  I fully utilized Twitter and won my way to numerous TIFF screenings and parties. By searching “TIFF contest” or “TIFF win” you can easily win something to do each day. I also won a short getaway to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas which was fantastic!

October: Have you ever seen dogs walk the runway? Well, you can at the Paws for the Cause Gala. Additionally, Fashion Week was back again and I won my way to several shows. The highlight was attending the closing night party which included free clothes!

November: This was a busy month with several free events each week. Highlights included the Legends Classic (too bad I didn’t meet Mats!), Gilda’s Club Fundraiser, Sceneopolis and a free VIA trip on business class to Montreal!

December: I stepped up my product wins which resulted in not having to spend one dollar on Christmas presents. There was an Xbox 360 with Kinect, numerous gift cards, books, and enough beauty products to look like a display at Shoppers Drug Mart. I easily gave away over $1000 worth of merchandise.

Who knows where 2013 will take me? Happy New Year!


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  1. Amazing, Erika! I had no idea about your awesome hidden talent. What were some of the perspective on life you gained from being at this variety of events? Rickesh


    1. erikakomori says:

      Through attending a variety of events, I repeatedly saw firsthand those that were the best in their field; a perfect example of success through hard work and following your passions.
      As well, be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences. From a rap concert to a night at the symphony, dinner with John Tory to a tour about beer, watching an obscure documentary or a gala TIFF screening; everything was a learning opportunity and a chance to meet new people.
      I trust that all of these outings are leading me on a certain path and am reminded of what Jully Black asked the audience at an event I attended: “Are you living, or are you existing?”


      1. Beautiful! Sounds like you’ve found a great channel to explore the world. Inspiring and unique for sure!


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