What is sceneopolis? It’s a subscription service that helps you experience the best of Toronto’s arts and culture scene. With over 8000 arts and culture organizations, and approximately 160 performing arts events per week, there is always something to do in the city!

For $45 a year, sceneopolis member can get discounts on tickets for entertainment as well as access to exclusive pre- and post-show events.

I celebrated my birthday and attended inTO 3.0: On Stage and Beyond the Wings. Located at the beautiful Berkeley Street Theatre, I watched Speaking in Tongues which is the latest production from The Company Theatre.

Before the show we could chat with the director of the play, Philip Riccio, and were treated to drinks and snacks. At the conclusion of the performance, we had the opportunity to ask the cast questions as well.

I’ve attended my share of big budget Mirvish shows, but loved this 4-person production! The interwoven relationships from these stories triggered themes of lies, deceit and betrayal. It actually makes you reflect on your own life….what is defined as cheating?

Speaking in Tongues has finished its Toronto run but will continue Jan. 22-Feb 24, 2013 at the Belfry Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia.

Aryka’s Advice: Sceneopolis features 3 different types of events which include the General Ticket, Big Ticket and Scene Ticket. To find out more, visit its website


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