VIP Preview Evening

The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo is back for an 18th year and I was fortunate enough to attend the VIP Preview Evening on November 15th. Tickets are double the price, and I don’t think there were any actual VIP benefits, but apparently the crowd is smaller than the weekend. On top of your admission, you have to buy tickets ($1 = 1 ticket) in order to try any of the wine and food samples

There is definitely a wide selection of vendors and most drinks are within the 2-3 ticket range. I did spot sushi and gyoza being offered for 1 ticket per piece. One of the best deals is to attend the Connoisseur’s Corner. For 5 tickets, you can sample multiple wines and learn more about what exactly you’re drinking. Wine Country Ontario also offers a free sample if you sign up and take a picture at its booth.

In walking around the entire venue, I didn’t spot many contests onsite. However, for the hockey lovers out there, Hat Trick Wines will have NHL Alumni at its booth all weekend.

Be sure to visit Barefoot Wines, as they are donating 100% of their sales to Second Harvest. Additionally, for each glass or remaining ticket left upon exiting, $1 is donated towards the same cause.

Aryka’s Advice: The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo would be a perfect date night and it’s very easy to win tickets to this show. Search #GFWE along with “win” and you will find multiple contests on Twitter.


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