Beer Me

If you’re over the legal drinking age, step away from the beer pong table and visit  one of the many events featuring alcoholic beverages in this city.

I’ve been to the Drinks Show, Wine & Spirit Festival, Chilean Wine Festival and of course the Toronto Festival of Beer. They provide a great opportunity to sample unique flavours and can be paired with one of the many food vendors which are usually on scene.

My most recent experience was the Girl’s Guided Beer Tour. Our tour guide, Mirella Amato, was a beer specialist. She was the first woman in Canada to become a Certified Cicerone (beer sommelier), has advanced brewing certification and judges national competitions.

She told numerous stories about women and the origins of beer. For instance, Saint Brigid is said to have turned dirty water into beer (they didn’t teach us this in Catholic school!?!) The founder of Moosehead, Canada’s oldest independent brewery, was also a woman (Susannah Oland). It was a fascinating tour!

Aryka’s Advice: I won my tickets from the Beer Store. However, look up who the vendors are at these festivals. They will likely have contests through their social media channels.


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