Summer Sports!

It’s a slow sporting season in the GTA; particularly because of the inability for any of Toronto’s teams to make the playoffs (no, Toronto Rock I’m not counting you).

Shamefully, I’ve never had as much interest in female sports in comparison to the big 4 professional sport leagues. I was pleasantly surprised when I attended the first ever Manulife Financial LPGA Classic.

These golfers were truly impressive! Their drives were farther than most men at the driving range and their putting abilities were outstanding! Personally, I also enjoyed seeing the fashion and each golfer’s individual style. I would definitely go to a future tournament!

Despite my recent appendicitis surgery, I also ventured out to my very first Toronto FC game. Watching live soccer is far more impressive than on tv and the team actually won! It’s a nice change of atmosphere from the more “stuffy” Leafs games.

Aryka’s Advice: Be prepared to do a lot of walking if you want to keep up with your fav golfer at a pro tournament…make sure you have comfortable shoes and wear some sunscreen!


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