A Fantastic Father’s Day!

Throughout the year, events or holidays may cause stress about finding the “perfect gift”. Myself? I see it as an opportunity to win contests! There were recently numerous Father’s Day promotions and I was certain that I would win one!

To start, I found out that CityLine had an upcoming episode for Father’s Day via Twitter. Interested audience members had to write about their Dad’s in order to win tickets. Anyone that has met my “Papa”, aka Kenji, knows that he is epic so it was easy to write a short submission. Not surprisingly, my entry was selected and we had a great time attending the taping! We also left with numerous freebies including items from the limited edition Champion line for Old Spice, Nivea products and Denver Hayes merchandise!

Additionally, a local hotel had a giveaway to write why your Dad is the biggest golf fanatic. A free round of golf for two was the prize. My entry was simple and honest.

“My dad loves golf. However, he loves his children more! He gave up his sporting passion in order to save money so my brother and I could play in organized sports”.

Yes, I won.

Aryka’s Advice: Use special occasions throughout the year as an opportunity to win exciting contests and create memorable experiences!


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