The Lonely Hearts Club

I had already set myself up for Valentine’s Day and was double-booked with Raptors tickets and an advanced screening of Titantic 3D (contest wins of course). When I heard about the Lonely Hearts Club on the John Tory radio show, I was intrigued. I wrote a lil story and didn’t think much about it.

John Tory and some very excited ladies!

One day, I saw my phone ringing during a meeting and just knew it had to be regarding a contest. It was John Tory, live and on-air, inviting me to the dinner. He also just happened to be summarizing part of my submission. Thankfully, I’m not the typical listening demographic and I’m quite certain no one in my social media world heard it.

I ended up attending and it was a lovely evening! I met a diverse group of women including a lawyer, dentist, chef, doctor and real estate agent.
I brought the youthful hip factor.

Aryka’s Advice:  Even negative experiences can be turned into contest wins!


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