Show and Tell

Living in the GTA, it’s definitely a hub for the largest trade shows in Canada. There is literally an event for just about anything you can imagine. Green Living, Baking & Sweets, Beer, Wine & Spirit, Clothing and Travel are just a few of the shows that I attended throughout the year. I even took a stroll through the Sportsmen’s show (yes, I was a minority and still know nothing abut hunting). Ticket prices usually range from $10-$40 but I win my way there. There are plenty of free samples so events with chocolate and fruity beverages were at the top of my list (bubblegum vodka = delish!)

My dad and his new bff at the Subaru booth

Aryka’s Advice:These events are a great opportunity to see a significant amount of vendors in a short period of time. However, keep your eyes on the prize! Many booths feature giveaways. I got myself a nifty Black & Decker drill from the Canada Blooms show.


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