I’m smart and now I have a phone.

The random winnings continued in 2011. I’m not ashamed to say that I did spend one Friday night at a Disney Live show. However, my current phone was embarrassing and I began a mission to win one.
This was my first contest which involved being judged against written material.

My winning entry:

Winning the Nokia N8 would be an epic improvement as I unfortunately have to carry around a phone that is so mid 2000’s. It definitely ruins an otherwise fabulous outfit when I have to reluctantly take it out and answer a call.

It would be brilliant to rock the Nokia N8 so I could:
1. Feel like the latest romance junkie when I use the Love App to give me hot romance ideas!
2. Embrace my inner Jane Austen and write some classic poetry with the help of Love Poems.
3. Spread love and joy through blowing kisses to the masses with the assistance of Kiss & Tell
4. Give a shout out to my global friends with the fring app and/or contact the Grams at the retirement home and hear about her latest Bingo event.
5. Not have a panic attack at 3am when I realize through True Caller that it’s my teenage brother who’s had too much to drink and needs a taxi (aka me) to pick him up.
6. Go all Martha Stewart and have a fully colour coordinated calendar schedule that makes me look ultra popular.

Aryka’s Advice: For all of you contest creepers, try to be funny and use product knowledge to stand out against the competition.


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